Giving Back – Built to Care

Giving Back

NMS Infrastructure, lead contractor on this ‘Built To Care’ programme, understands the overarching aim of socio-economic development and is committed to carrying out its work on this project with this in mind. In addition to creating local employment, providing on-the-job vocational training, local sourcing of materials, respecting local sensitivities and needs through engagement and inclusivity, all within an ethical business policy framework, NMSI is committed to promoting economic development of host countries and communities.

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Key Focus

The key focus around all CSR programs undertaken by NMSI is Health, Welfare, Education and Youth Sport. Underpinning, but not exclusive, is a child developmental focus.

The 4 key fundamentals that are considered when in the decision-making process for CSR activities are:

  • Project Sustainability
  • Effective Return on Investment
  • Benefits to the Community
  • Supports Country Development Goals

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